The Talk of Paris

Riccardo Giraudi’s Ahanihf-paris2

A favourite of the fashion-week set who cram into this 40-seat hot spot, Anahi is deliciously hidden from the outside world by the fresh flowers and candelabras that fill its windows.

The iconic weeknight haunt of madame of the house Carmina Lebrero, a larger than life presence with her red lipstick and white wine glass, this cozy bistro has become the place to people watch and sip Brazilian caipirinhas or Peruvian pisco sours.

Riccardo Giraudi’s small plates are full-on Argentinean style. The meat, whether grass or grain fed, is the best you’ll ever have while the mash is better than grandma’s finest.

You’ll be doing the flamenco on the pavement with strangers before the night is over, I promise.