Modern Curiosity Meets Ancient Mysticism

Modern Curiosity Meets Ancient Mysticism

Having 750 private acres in the heart of the Mayan forest and a sacred cenote almost all to ourselves seems a tad hedonistic, but why not? Save for the swish of a gentle breeze in the ancient trees and the occasional birdcall, it’s unnervingly peaceful.

The midday heat settles in as we park our bikes and head for thehf-mex1 plunge pool to cool off. For once in our lives, we’re agenda-less. Even the spa therapists seem to be on a divine “as-needed” basis. Ideal for a four-day off-the-grid spa experience!

Graciously hidden in the woods, off a narrow bike path that meanders around the property, is our spacious standalone villa. Here, we’re blessed with a soothing waterfall, plunge pools for skinny-dipping, an outdoor living room and shower. Inside there are all the comforts of home and more. My favourite little extra? The sisal overwater hammock, which seem to keep calling my name…Could it be time for an afternoon siesta?

hf-mex2Unique in its purpose as a tastefully designed, modern mecca for personal enlightenment and restoration, the spa offers an eclectic blend of the traditional and alternative, along with guest speakers. Creative amenities include a floatarium, natural juice bar and spa café (I’m still craving their juices), and Mayan-inspired treatments under the direction of a local shaman.

With a nod to indulgence, Chablé’s owner has restored the hacienda and other traditional parts of the estate to their original grandeur. Walking across the lawns, chilling in the Dedon-style tree swings and just lounging by the pool are all pleasantly reminiscent of grander days gone by. There’s a sense of natural calm and peace that’s hard to find on the usual resort or spa holiday, and that is somehow restorative.

And then there’s Chablé’s delightful dining experiences. Fresh and natural foods are homegrown in raised beds right in front of our eyes and prepared by Jorge Vallejo, one of Mexico’s finest chefs. Perhaps less healthily, Chablé also houses the largest private tequila collection in the world. Whether it’s the chef’s signature sea-bass ceviche at the poolside grill, a healthy spa lunch or a private romantic dinner in the wine cellar, dining here is in a class of its own.

It’s hard not to fall in love with full-moon jungle bathing, or to feel the energy of the ancient spirits when you spend time with a local shaman. But there’s no need for me to take a class called “gratitude practice.” I’ll be forever grateful for the time I have spent here.