The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Sweet Silver

hf-Peninsula2aOn the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the Peninsula Beverly Hills gave guests in its special Silver Suite the opportunity to enjoy their very own Rolls-Royce Dawn during their stay.

A jewel amongst its 38 suites, 17 private villas and 195 guest rooms, the 2,050-square-foot Silver Suite offers personal butler service, custom in-suite dining options and an array of expectation-exceeding amenities.

hf-Peninsula5Located on Santa Monica Boulevard and a few blocks away from Rodeo Drive, the Peninsula is an oasis of calm elegance. The hotel’s luxurious spa is a go-to destination for Hollywood’s glitterati, and the 60-foot rooftop pool offers a beautiful view of the Los Angeles skyline.

I cannot think of a more delightful location for the introduction to Rolls-Royce’s new Dawn.