Spit and Polish (at the Ritz)

Gentlemen have a long, often unspoken tradition of paying careful attention to their appearance. Whether they’re military officers preparing to troop the colour, executives readying for hostile negotiations or celebrities taking the stage, personal appearance and good grooming matter.

We all know that in a world where sleep, rest and relaxation are in short supply, holding onto the necessary composure and perspective to gain the upper hand requires an arsenal beyond barbers and tailors, and that is just as important as a knot in the tie or starch in the shirt. It requires exercise, good nutrition, the ability to shut down for a while—and a little TLC.

Feeling like you’re running on fumes? The aptly named the Gentlemen’s Power Hour from the My Blend spa at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto might be the best way to top-up your tank.

If time between meetings is limited, don’t worry. Three express services (for example, waxing, nail file and buff, and therapeutic foot massage) will increase your confidence and smooth your appearance around the edges—and have you back at your desk in less than an hour.

Don a white robe and fluffy slippers and relieve tension with the Spa’s signature men’s service, aptly called Blokes and Beer. It’s a 2.5-hour escape with a Man-E-Cure hand treatment, personalized, whisker-softening facial and full-on sports massage. Between services and treatments, you can catch up on last night’s scores or the current stock ticker on a large-screen television in the Gentleman’s Lounge, and take the edge off with a chilled bottle of Mill St. Organic lager (served, not shaken, by the attentive staff).

The CEO in me could get used to this.