Spa Diaries

By Wanda Love


Just a sprinkle

Botox “sprinkles” are becoming popular, thanks to the radiant Robin Wright confessing to getting micro amounts injected for her flawless face. The idea is to inject tiny quantities across the face to freshen your look, rather than targeting specific muscles as is traditionally done. Reviews on this approach are mixed, with some medical aesthetics experts noting that the same fresh look can be achieved with microdermabrasion, laser treatments or medical-grade skincare products.


Be Carefree

Watch for a new collection of sustainable wellness resorts— backed by a group of veteran spa managers to hit the market, beginning in early 2018. First up: the re-opening of Civana Wellness Resort in Carefree, Arizona. Repurposed rooms and a fabulous new spa will make the best of the surrounding Sonoran Desert and mountains views to add a whole new focus on sustainability for eco-conscious guests. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Get back in the game, bro

Men suffering from low energy, irritability, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain and general apathy, may be experiencing the male menopause (andropause).

Now with a little help from Dr. Lizette Lourens at the Age Management Institute in Calgary, men are benefiting from BHRT bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Optimum testosterone levels can help men have a more positive outlook on life, increased energy, improved mood and sharper mental acuity, as well as restoring their sex life.

Former CEO of Leading Spas of Canada, Wanda Love has travelled extensively, experiencing traditional and unusual spa treatments around the world.