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Live Like a King:

Will you move or improve?

After a classic holiday season with plenty of joie de vivre and spirit, it’s time to rock steady (i.e., slow down). Hide away the trinkets, glitter and baubles, put your feet up and dream about how you’ll spend the whole new year ahead. Ahh… the luxury of finding the time to sit back and ponder, albeit for just a few hours on a snowy afternoon.

To stay or go
Is house hunting on your agenda? Which neighbourhoods do you have your eye on? Or, if you’re in the mood for change at your existing property, where will you find your design heroes and get the inspiration to confidently re-dress your home? Perhaps a customized walk-in wardrobe will fix your marriage, or at least go some distance towards reducing your clutter fatigue. Imagine how much easier getting dressed will be when you have edited, edited, edited with expert advice.

Happy Hunting
Continue your winning streak with the latest in home furnishings, paint and wallpaper, and hardwood floors and carpets. A new-look entertainment room could make you more popular with the bros, while a fast-track kitchen with stylish European appliances or a bathroom reno will give your home the ultimate competitive design advantage.

Before all is said and done… don’t miss this year’s big, bold and beautiful Toronto Interior Design Show on January 18–21. Come and share the fun with Homefront’s editorial team and design experts from around the world.

Caroline Tapp-McDougall,