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Beautifully Simple Dishes

From Test Kitchen to Wedding Reception Dinner


–––––––     IN THE KITCHEN –––––––

Mushroom salad with miso barbecue sauce
Poached cod with preserved lemon & Yukon gold potato
Pappardelle with Spring vegetable verde
Poached peaches with pressed yoghurt & basil cress

Tiffany inspired

Beautifully simple dishes

Sebastien’s suggestions

Recently we have seen a shift in catering from over-the-top 20+ ingredient dishes (with various molecular gastronomic components) to bringing things back to showcase simple yet flavourful offerings. At our new Eatertainment test kitchen & office, our fresh new direction is inspired by starting with basic quality ingredients, then adding our own dose of passion and talent to create dishes that truly standout without being over-complicated. While the presentation for us is of course important, a simpler approach offers a unique opportunity to create menus for our wedding and corporate clients that focus on accentuating the basics in a creative and interesting way. Using four to five ingredients per dish ensures the flavours of each item really stand out and work to complement one another. They also simplify the process for those home chefs who want to re-create dishes on their own. We love to inspire our clients to experiment in their own kitchens, and keeping it simple and achievable is key to this.


Sebastien Centner is the Director of Eatertainment Special Events & Catering, one of Canada’s leading event and catering companies. A regular contributor to Homefront, Sebastien can also be seen on The Marilyn Denis Show, The Morning Show and in Catersource Magazine offering entertaining ideas and inspiration to Canadians across the country. www.eatertainment.com.

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Food menu courtesy of Executive Chef Christopher Matthews. Prop styling courtesy Suzanne Dunbar-Saunders. Shot on location at Eatertainment Events & Catering test kitchen & head office at 29 Booth Avenue, Suite 100.