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From our travels: The Gentle Gourmet

Gentle Gourmet, Paris

Ethically elegant, passionately inventive

Here we discover a new dynamic in French cuisine from a team of chefs who are passionate about using fresh and local food. Combining the finesse of French gastronomy with an ethical and ecological mindset, the team at Gentle Gourmet have been vegan haute cuisine advocates for almost a decade. Serving beautiful meals that are created with delicacy, respect for in-season, plant-based produce and a mindset that promotes fundamental social change through sharing and empathy, Gentle Gourmet’s executive chef and food designer, Caroline Pivain Quan-Ngoc, is a champion for trying to create a better world. With her team, she’s recognized for introducing the first vegan macaroons and the first vegan guestrooms, and for starting the Gentle Gourmet Institute—a professional cooking school in Normandy and Paris that specializes in vegan cuisine and pastry-making.