Dining Out


Grand Indulgence

hf_dine_3Right here at home,  America—the big, bold, beautiful restaurant and late-night hot spot from Oliver and Bonacini—has livened up not only the dining scene but also the city’s offering of extravagant places for social affairs.

With on-top-of-the-world commanding views of Toronto’s glittering skyline, up-tempo music and innovative cuisine, it’s where “style meets substance and decides to spend the night.”hf_dine_2

Chef de cuisine Bill Osborne orchestrates a lavish take on classic American dishes such as roasted chicken, grilled swordfish and coastal oysters. Our favourites are definitely on the appetizer and late-night menus: twice-baked cheddar soufflé, fois gras flapjacks and crispy pig’s tail…paired, of course, with Chef Bill’s decadently delicious crystal fried onion rings.

And, yes, we confess, we did tuck into the Clusterphuck, a variety of inspired chocolate bark, served on a guillotine for a magnificent chop-it-yourself happy ending.

Photos: Cindy La