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Need a Friend with Benefits?


Just when I thought I’d discovered the best and seen it all, someone, namely my  millennial daughter, introduced me to Ten Spot Beauty Bars.  A deliciously comfortable way to trump the “rush and go” personal care regime many of us have fallen into, The Ten Spot rolls out the red carpet on  a variety of ‘good to go’ monthly maintenance services that certainly up the ante for cleanliness and personalized TLC.

Now that I’m looking for them … locations seem to have popped everywhere:  the annex, beaches, Queen west, Forest Hill, Bloor West and ‘Y & Eg’ are all  one-stop comfort zones for award winning waxing, stylish ‘mani-pedis’ and refreshing facials. Regulars can become members of the saucy Ten Spot Reward Program cleverly labelled: “friends with benefits”. I’m a fan!