Favourite Things


Paris: Daring after dark

Insiders sneak through a hidden side door ready for a provocative evening that’s both irreverent and irresistible.  Bartenders stir, mix and twist their extravagant house cocktails – their royal lineage without rebuke.  A strange calm sets the mood for rules to be challenged as guests arrive one by one.  Game. Set. Match.  This is Paris at its finest!


A B.A.D. evening is about to begin.

Hours later, with secrets to share from a few discreet conversations at Palace Bar, it’s time to set about our real mission.- a trip upstairs to explore the refurbished suites. Dressed with the finest fabrics in the Quagliotti’s collection, directly from the company’s headquarters in Chieri, Piedmont., the pieces are tailor-made for Le Bristol Paris Hotel in Rue Faubourg Saint Honore.  As expected as divine and decadent and refreshing as the re-branded grande dame herself.

Background: Since 1925, the family-owned Bristol Paris has shared Michelin starred evenings, Fashion Saturday’s, elegant afternoons and Fa-Raon, its Burmese cat with travelers from around the world.