Favourite Things


Favourite Things

Make yourself comfortable

Rest up and read on this limited-edition, 24-carat gold
Bibliochaise. This unique piece was showcased as part of
a landmark interactive contemporary seating exhibit at the magnificent historic property, Chatsworth House.


Social Sundays

Just minutes from the West End and the River Thames, the Corinthia Hotel London is a destination in itself, especially
on Sundays for brunch and a complimentary cocktail if you tweet about it. With seven penthouses, two happening restaurants, and one of the city’s largest spas,
you’ll be tempted to spend the night.


Eurasian garden spirits

Marcel Wanders’ floating five-metre-high inflatables are a contemporary spin on Dutch art flower patterns created in honour of a cultural exchange between Holland and Japan.


Up up and away

Take hydrofoiling to another level. The Quadrafoil Q2S cuts
through waves, emission free, at speeds of up to
40 km/h (21 knots).Completely powered by two
lithium-ion battery backs, which can be fully re-charged
in just three to four hours. It’s fast, efficient, and did
we mention, exhilarating?