Favourite Things


Favourite Things

Romancing the rail
The legendary Venice Simplon-Orient Express is an
Art Deco icon. Step aboard and experience elegant,
lovingly restored vintage cabins and gastronomic cuisine
wrapped in timeless elegance.
New for 2018—indulgent grand suite cabins.



Good golly Miss Molly
This girl will take you across town in comfort
and style. Relax and enjoy the view while you’re
turning heads. Handmade in Europe, Crème Molly is
smaller and lighter than a traditional “Dutch” bike,
and makes a perfectly stylish present.


10 bottles a week
Fera at Claridge’s pushes the boundaries of Michelin-
starred cuisine with the release of its own bespoke,
limited-edition gin. A truly Mayfair-made spirit, Fera gin
intertwines distillates of different botanicals, resulting
in a round, smooth and viscous texture with fresh
vegetal flavours and a dry finish.



Architectural clutch
The result of a sophisticated sculptural collaboration
between Perrin Paris and Zaha Hadid Design, this piece,
in stunning blue, is quintessential Hadid.
Unique curves cradle the characteristic Perrin Paris cuff to
deliver a piece that’s more timeless art than an accessory.



Eviation Alice
Eviation Alice is a high-efficiency electric regional aircraft designed to take nine passengers up to 600 miles at more than 240 knots.