Favourite Things

The Prosecco Van

The Bubble Bros’s converted three-wheeled Piaggio Ape serves sparkling wine and signature Spritz cocktails at festivals and private events. Their little fleet of bubble wagons includes a Bubble Bike and the Spritz Blitz, too. Only in UK. Pity.


Stand-out walls

Designed by Alessandro Mendini and Pietro Gaeta, this series of 18 vividly coloured frescos and wallpapers called “4 mani sovrascritture” (4 hands over-writing), creates a bold statement in any room.


A forest of canoes

Vancouver Artist Dana Claxton has manipulated photographs of canoes and added brightly coloured layers for a series of 16-foot murals adhered to the columnar bents along the treaty lands of Toronto’s Bentway Skate Trail.


Coloured glass meets lacquered metal. Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe collaborate to create an inspired furniture collection with artisans skilled in the thousand-year-old manual technique of architectural stained glass.


Row, row, row your boat

Look for these autonomous floating vessels on Amsterdam’s famous canals—a Roboat is a research project between MIT and a local institute that’s hitting the water to move goods and people.


Irresistibly Adler

Glamour turned up, hues turned down. The Harlequin Credenza by Jonathan Adler, in shades of early morning is a little Italian modern and a lot playful.