Liquid Assets

Creative vision

Striking, precise and rectangular, yet soft and flowing.
Photo: Duravit

Building the bathroom of your dreams is a little like putting together an outfit for a special occasion. Start with the foundation, of a chic soaker tub, which becomes your little black dress. Layer in gorgeous faucets and lighting to represent the designer handbag and shoes. Add finishing touches with sparkling bath accessories as the jewellery to complete your look. And just like that, your fashionable bathroom is on the best-dressed list!

By Sigrid McCandles

Clearly contemporary

Not only a luxurious bathing experience,
this glass bathtub is a one-of-a-kind statement piece.
Photo: Omvivo

Reveal a beautiful you

Uncover your most vibrant complexion and reduce blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles easily at home.
Photo: PMD Personal Microderm

Loft living

Lines between rooms become blurred and flow into each other: Bathroom to bedroom, outdoors to in.
Photo: Casalgrande Padana