Bring on the Sunshine

It’s been said that friends are the family you get to choose. And, what better time of year to laugh a little harder, cry a little less and enjoy life a little more.

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Gateway to Geek-Topia

What happens in Vegas doesn’t need to stay in Vegas. From self-driving cars and delivery drones to wireless wearables and voice-controlled smart-home gadgets

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The Meandering Epicurist

Homefront’s man about town is suave, debonair, charming and, best of all, extremely curious. He hunts, sleuths, discovers, explores and tells all.

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That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

There’s nothing quite so mouthwatering as the smell of freshly baked cookies, especially when they’re made with butter and love. We’ve stopped in for a decadent cookie tasting at the worldwide headquarters of Elm Hill Cookies on Kerr Street in Oakville. Okay, so it’s a tiny shop that you could almost drive by if you […]

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Screen Dream

Five things to look for in a new television By Marc Saltzman It’s been 89 years since Idaho farm boy Philo T. Farnsworth successfully demonstrated the first “moving pictures” transmission. Little did the humble inventor of television know we’d still be staring at the fruits of his labour well into the 21st century although today’s […]

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Sippin’ Sunshine

These wines pair well with sunny patios, garden decks and cottage docks. Wine is often called “bottled sunshine,” so why not enjoy a glass outside?

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Summer Entertaining

When summer arrives I always look forward to entertaining outdoors! Nothing can beat the freshness of the air, the sound of the water and the sand beneath my feet.

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Live Like a King:

Is house hunting on your agenda? Which neighbourhoods do you have your eye on? Or, if you’re in the mood for change at your existing property?

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