• Marcel’s dolce vita

    Marcel’s dolce vita

    Minimalism meets classicism Wanders’ simple lever door-handle mediates the space between two rooms. olivari.it Photo: Olivari Read More

  • Slumber party at the Shard

    Slumber party at the Shard

    London, England The evening sky changes colour over Tower Bridge as the day draws to a close in London. From this vantage point, it’s hard to believe that anyone would... Read More

  • Dolce vita

    Dolce vita

    Italian style The ultimate of Italian style, creating an elegant, functional and refined space. Photo: Brummel Cucine Crystal clear. This magnificent crystal vase with a fragrant candle was made in partnership... Read More

  • Water for wellbeing

    Water for wellbeing

    Tranquility A tranquil setting for bathing has a beneficial impact on body and mind. Photo: Dornbracht Hair for the runway. One of the most advanced hair-care treatments ever created, inspired by... Read More

  • Northern inspiration and wide-open spaces

    Northern inspiration and wide-open spaces

    A chat with Catherine Regehr By Shelley M. Black Catherine Regehr is an award-winning and world-renowned designer with a love for both the elegant and the outdoors. She’s equally comfortable... Read More

  • Colour blocking

    Colour blocking

    Building striking dishes with bold colours By Sebastien Centner It’s all about the ingredients... Mushrooms—these shemeji mushrooms provide the perfect shade of white, with a small shape, interesting texture and... Read More

  • The art of electric travel

    The art of electric travel

    With the introduction of its revolutionary i8 sports car, BMW has created a new benchmark for the design, sustainability and integration of hybrid technology. By Helmut Dostal My first teaser was... Read More

  • Now you see them...

    Now you see them...

    Now you don't The clever use of panels conceals the appliances in this modern, streamlined kitchen. Photo: Valcucine Clip & snip. Great for trimming herbs, these razor-sharp blades won’t squash or... Read More

  • The digital doctor is in

    The digital doctor is in

    Self-care and monitoring are here to stay By Marc Saltzman Here’s a heads-up on the latest health-related gadgets and apps to help you keep healthy, lose weight and manage a variety of... Read More

  • Revolutionary ergonomics

    Revolutionary ergonomics

    Essentials The specially designed back section of this kitchen can contain or conceal all of the essentials. Photo: Valcucine A slice of life. Dividing cake into equal pieces is simple with... Read More

  • Living like a Tuscan

    Living like a Tuscan

    The Ferragamo way Time out doesn’t get anymore tempting…A stroll in ancient Tuscan vineyards, a tour of the orto (kitchen garden), cooking lessons or a round of golf at the... Read More

  • Trend setter

    Trend setter

    Consciously captivating Award-winning sculptural looks and innovative technology. Photo: Hansgrohe Exotic elixir. Oriental and woody notes feature in this seductive Fougere fragrance by Hermès. Photo: Hermès Fit for royalty. Take your bathing to a new... Read More

  • Wining and dining

    Wining and dining

    ‘Tis the season once again for cooler weather and entertaining family and friends at home. Head inside, light the fire and pour yourself a glass of wine. By Natalie MacLean... Read More

  • Old-world elegance meets modern graciosity

    Old-world elegance meets modern graciosity

    Set theatrically in the heart of the city at the top of the historic Spanish Steps. The Hassler Roma enjoys a privileged position on the Piazza di Spagna, overlooking the... Read More

  • A restored masterpiece on the Grand Canal

    A restored masterpiece on the Grand Canal

    Built on the water and celebrated for its glorious art and architecture, Venice is one of the world’s fairytale destinations. And what better way to take in all the magic... Read More

  • Notes from Spain

    Notes from Spain

    Paradores and World Heritage Cities On Tour in Medieval Spain...   Mérida, an archeologist’s dream As a World Heritage Site and one of Spain’s best-conserved cities, Mérida has a rich Roman... Read More

  • Home geek home

    Home geek home

    Happily hands-on with the  hottest gifts for the holidays By Marc Saltzman Once again, the gift-giving season is heading our way and millions of Canadians are crossing their fingers for... Read More

  • Ms. Tollman's royal treatment

    Ms. Tollman's royal treatment

    The Milestone Hotel Most historic buildings have their tales of previous lives and notorious occupants. In the case of The Milestone Hotel in London, they range from an owner who... Read More

  • If walls could talk

    If walls could talk

    Too (many) clothes for comfort By Suzanne Davison Who has room for skeletons in their closet? I can barely fit in the basics. Everyone feels they could use more closet space,... Read More

  • Sip, savour and celebrate

    Sip, savour and celebrate

    The legendary Napa Valley Vineyard picnics and grand feasts in wine caves turn into late summer blending parties and discussions about the best time to harvest. It’s been another good year here... Read More

  • Artistic beauty

    Artistic beauty

    Decorative Venetian mosaics and Swarovski crystals Transforming this sleek kitchen into a stunning work of art. Photo: Toyo Kitchen & Living Co. Goodbye, lattes. Try these organic, cold-pressed juices from a team... Read More

  • Homefront's picks for Fall

    Homefront's picks for Fall

    Some like it hot Dare to be different by adding a bold colour-coating to the exteriors of your baths and basins. stonecast.co.za Bardi’s bowl. Designed in 1951 by Italian–Brazilian architect Lina... Read More

  • Classic style

    Classic style

    Equally at home in contemporary or traditional settings This bath is a sleek update of a timeless favourite. Photo: StoneKAST Irreverent and free-spirited. Experience the look and smell of British... Read More

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