• Spring is a Vine Time for Wine

    Spring is a Vine Time for Wine

    Springtime in the vineyard has a special energy as the vines awaken from their winter slumber and push through new buds. As wine lovers, let’s enliven our palates with these... Read More

  • Cabot Cliffs

    Cabot Cliffs

    Playing With all Five Senses Canada? This must be a typo. Golf courses taking elevated positions on the worldwide rankings lists do not hail from “The True North, strong and... Read More

  • Spa Diaries

    Spa Diaries

    By Wanda Love Just a sprinkle Botox “sprinkles” are becoming popular, thanks to the radiant Robin Wright confessing to getting micro amounts injected for her flawless face. The idea is... Read More

  • Bella Cucina Entertains

    Bella Cucina Entertains

    With summer comes a more relaxed way of living and a more casual approach to entertaining for many of us. Bringing friends and family together for a laid-back meal outdoors... Read More

  • Liquid Assets

    Liquid Assets

    Authentic luxury This elegant glass-enclosed shower unit would stand magnificently in the middle of your bathroom, or even in your bedroom. Photo: Drummonds Luxury is more than just style and... Read More

  • Summer Entertaining

    Summer Entertaining

    This Summer’s perfect Rustic Beach Picnic –––––––     LAKESIDE FEAST ––––––– Fior di latte & kumato tomato, gorgonzola, bacon & honey Shiny sea, P.E.I oysters Mediterranean potato salad with... Read More

  • Where Fairytales Come True

    Where Fairytales Come True

    By Caroline Tapp-McDougall A romantic tour of French castles and magical gardens. Gien lives here In Orleans, an area known for its vinegar, mustard and Gien china, just 50 minutes... Read More

  • Spring Entertaining ...

    Spring Entertaining ...

    Mix it up! –––––––  COLOURFUL PLATES  ––––––– Pea gazpacho with creme fralche & mint Black cod with hollandaise, toasted farro, morels & tempura kale Spinach gnocchi with snap peas, asparagus... Read More

  • The Meandering Epicurist

    The Meandering Epicurist

    Le Sélect Bistro After a holiday season of excess and gastronomic fripperies, it’s time for simpler things. First stop, Le Sélect Bistro—a Toronto institution from my past, when cheek-by-jowl dining... Read More

  • Fall Entertaining

    Fall Entertaining

    Escape to the Countryside ––––––– ON THE MENU ––––––– Carrot & apple soup with warm mushroom salad Gorgonzola, fig & walnut salad with grilled baguette Cornish hen with butternut squash,... Read More

  • Liquid Assets

    Liquid Assets

    Be brave. Be creative and make the time this summer to take a bold and refreshing new look at the showers, tubs, sinks and tiles in your home. After all,... Read More

  • An Extravagant Getaway

    An Extravagant Getaway

    The Village of Bal Harbour In the 1950s, Bal Harbour and Miami Beach were known as America’s Riviera and a magnet for celebrities and the well heeled. On the coast... Read More

  • Embrace The Dark Side

    Embrace The Dark Side

    By Sebastien Centner –––––––     FAMILY STYLE ––––––– Scallop crudo with apple salsa & white grape molasses Spinach tarts with pickled onions and beets, heritage greens Cider-brined Cornish hen... Read More

  • La Champagnerie Bar à Sabrage

    La Champagnerie Bar à Sabrage

    With one of the longest lists of private imports, La Champagnerie, on Saint Paul Street East in Old Montreal is the city’s first and only champagne bar. Whether it’s a... Read More

  • Live Like a King:

    Live Like a King:

    Will you move or improve? After a classic holiday season with plenty of joie de vivre and spirit, it’s time to rock steady (i.e., slow down). Hide away the trinkets,... Read More

  • Spa Diaries

    Spa Diaries

    By Wanda Love Is this supplement for the birds? Bird’s nest soup is one of China’s most famous, expensive and controversial delicacies. Since the 17th century it has been believed... Read More

  • Eat, Drink, Dance, Repeat

    Eat, Drink, Dance, Repeat

    By Kylie MacKenzie You can be famous for 15 minutes,” suggests an Andy Warhol- inspired wall-print when the elevator door opens. A gaggle of black-suited millennials tumble out. The paint... Read More

  • A Shark and a Bear

    A Shark and a Bear

    By Rick Young In nature, the shark and the bear are formidable beasts that inhabit different zones, with each demanding equal amounts of admiration, respect and caution. They are seldom... Read More

  • Sippin’ Sunshine

    Sippin’ Sunshine

    These wines pair well with sunny patios, garden decks and cottage docks. Wine is often called “bottled sunshine,” so why not enjoy a glass outside? By Natalie MacLean Louis Roederer... Read More

  • Let’s Get Together... And Feel Alright

    Let’s Get Together... And Feel Alright

    By Kylie MacKenzie The Tryall Club is a private enclave that is nothing like the secure compounds that occupy much of Jamaica’s sandy beaches and serve the all-inclusive set. Here,... Read More

  • Island Bathing...

    Island Bathing...

    A made-in Antigua breathe easy few days By Caroline Tapp-McDougall Chic, unfussy, low-key luxe on a canvas of palm trees, white sand and clear turquoise waters. Eat your heart out,... Read More

  • Favourite Things

    Favourite Things

    Fun in the sun You’ll have it made in the shade with this beautiful but functional outdoor collection. hauserstores.com Two’s company Weighing less than 5 kg, this 95% carbon fibre,... Read More

  • Bella Cucina

    Bella Cucina

    It cannot be translated to a single word rather, hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a Danish philosophy or way of life. It encompasses a feeling of well-being through enjoying the simple... Read More

  • Fish Tales and Nibbles

    Fish Tales and Nibbles

    It’s not very often that a restaurant draws me in with its name, but pure curiosity found me stepping off Mayfair’s Berkeley Square to see what the fishy fuss was... Read More

  • Screen Dream

    Screen Dream

    Five things to look for in a new television By Marc Saltzman It’s been 89 years since Idaho farm boy Philo T. Farnsworth successfully demonstrated the first “moving pictures” transmission.... Read More

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