• Beautifully Lost...

    Beautifully Lost...

    ...and Lovingly Rebalanced The fragrant scent of bougainvillea and sweetheart roses wafts through my open shutters. Wildflowers, lavender and citrus trees line the winding path as I stroll peacefully toward the... Read More

  • Fish, Forage, Feast...

    Fish, Forage, Feast...

    Dinner at Wolf in the Fog By Keith Edwards Some places are legendary must-visits, so on the second night of my visit to Vancouver Island I’m definitely excited when I... Read More

  • The e(xc)lusive Green Monkey

    The e(xc)lusive Green Monkey

    Queen Elizabeth II, Elton John and Oprah Winfrey have all signed Sandy Lane Resort’s guest book. So too have Bill Gates and Michael Jordan, along with a host of other... Read More

  • Taipei Taiwan

    Taipei Taiwan

    A Seamless Blend of Old Traditions and New Technology By Helmut Dostal The Regent touching distance of Taipei’s financial, entertainment and cultural centres, set us up for a day of... Read More

  • A Walk on The Wild Side

    A Walk on The Wild Side

    By Keith Edwards After several hours of driving through the steep-sided valleys that thread their way through the dense rainforest, my first glimpse of the ocean crashing onto a pristine... Read More

  • Pulling Off a Cybersecurity Makeover

    Pulling Off a Cybersecurity Makeover

    Follow this wise advice and simple tips for protecting your laptop, tablet and smartphone—before it’s too late. By Marc Saltzman Scan today’s headlines and you might question just how much... Read More

  • 30 Years of Christian Lacroix

    30 Years of Christian Lacroix

    Flamboyance, surprise, singularity and colour By Shelley M. Black French designer Christian Lacroix’s signature couture was bold, exuberant, colourful and baroque. Today, his spirit lives on in an opulent collection... Read More

  • Spirit of The Wild

    Spirit of The Wild

    Whales, wolves and coastal waters By Caroline Tapp-McDougall We start where the road ends and the land meets the sea in the waters off BC’s untamed Pacific coast rainforest. Between... Read More

  • Building the Bathroom of Your Dreams

    Building the Bathroom of Your Dreams

    By Sigrid McCandles Start with the foundation, of a chic soaker tub, which becomes your little black dress. Layer in gorgeous faucets and lighting to represent the designer handbag and... Read More

  • One Sunset at a Time

    One Sunset at a Time

    Once in a while, in an escape from  the ordinary, a destination delivers a fairy tale. Join us in the Maldives at two spellbinding  private island resorts. By Caroline Tapp-McDougall... Read More

  • Floating Away

    Floating Away

    It’s early Saturday morning and, as the mist begins to clear and the crisp fall air quickens our senses, there’s no better place to spend a day than on Bota Bota,... Read More

  • The Rogue Disruptor

    The Rogue Disruptor

    An iconic brand swerves to the dark side By Helmut Dostal Defying tradition with its most powerful model yet, the Rolls-Royce Black Badge shows its true colours in the daringly... Read More

  • Powering Down in Bahamas

    Powering Down in Bahamas

    Back in the day… the private retreat of Swedish industrialist and yachtsman Dr. Axel Wenner-Gren, whose fortunes rose with the invention of the “domestic vacuum cleaner,” was on a pristine,... Read More

  • Finding My Inner Dragon

    Finding My Inner Dragon

    With its legendary cuisine, iconic skyline and rich history, the spirit of Hong Kong is stronger than ever. From its early days as a British colony to the impressive modern... Read More

  • A Modern Twist On All Things Mayan

    A Modern Twist On All Things Mayan

    The Nizuc Resort & Spa was originally conceived by Jean Michel Gathy with the exterior and interior design finalized by a prominent local architect Alejandro Escudero, known for creating some... Read More

  • Laying It All Out

    Laying It All Out

    By Jane Lockhart, BAAID When you think about decorating your home, you might think about wall colour, furniture and accessories. What goes on the floor is probably the last thing... Read More

  • Bella Cucina makes and Impression

    Bella Cucina makes and Impression

    By Sigrid McCandles Whether it's an intimate dinner for two or a gathering for 20, it’s inevitable—everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Make it a space that leaves a... Read More

  • Savouring Victoria to a Tea

    Savouring Victoria to a Tea

    By Keith Edwards Suddenly the rain stopped and it was “back to lovely.” Seaplanes buzzed in, water taxis bobbed on their moorings and patios filled up. Warm fingers of sun... Read More

  • This Ain't Your Mother's Kitchen

    This Ain't Your Mother's Kitchen

    By Mark Eglington Art, customization and connectivity have entered the appliance world in a big way over the past 12 months. Fiat created a bar fridge in the shape of... Read More

  • Technopia...


    Next-gen tools and trappings from CES 2018 Future gadgets and gear, as seen at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show     By Marc Saltzman A collection of really cool products were... Read More

  • Modern Curiosity Meets Ancient Mysticism

    Modern Curiosity Meets Ancient Mysticism

    Having 750 private acres in the heart of the Mayan forest and a sacred cenote almost all to ourselves seems a tad hedonistic, but why not? Save for the swish... Read More

  • Tech Out the Future of Cars

    Tech Out the Future of Cars

    Driven to perfection, expect a lot more innovation under the hood of your next vehicle By Marc Saltzman While “CES” is an abbreviation of the Consumer Electronics Show—for which I... Read More

  • Shy Smiles and Gentle Hearts

    Shy Smiles and Gentle Hearts

    Luang Prabang, Laos...Lush landscapes, tropical jungles and secluded villages By Keith Edwards With its chirpy misty mornings, dogs snoozing at midday and the soft warmth of evening, Luang Prabang is... Read More

  • Meet Global Designer Jean-Louis Deniot

    Meet Global Designer Jean-Louis Deniot

    “Dashing” is how one would describe Paris-based architect and interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot, for both his youthful good looks and his speed of travel in the world of design. Known... Read More

  • The New Dynasty of Volvo

    The New Dynasty of Volvo

    It’s not often that I find a manufacturer’s entire new model line-up all in  one place, ready for a day or two of test drives. And, as the icing on... Read More

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