• Liquid Assets

    Liquid Assets

    Creative vision Striking, precise and rectangular, yet soft and flowing. Photo: Duravit Building the bathroom of your dreams is a little like putting together an outfit for a special occasion.... Read More

  • La Champagnerie Bar à Sabrage

    La Champagnerie Bar à Sabrage

    With one of the longest lists of private imports, La Champagnerie, on Saint Paul Street East in Old Montreal is the city’s first and only champagne bar. Whether it’s a... Read More

  • The Best of British

    The Best of British

    By Keith Edwards With the “I want my country back” Brexit backers’ chants ringing in my ears, I’m off in search of a place to find peace and quiet once... Read More

  • X Marks the Spot

    X Marks the Spot

    By Kylie MacKenzie Just inside the Princes’ Gates, the most visible and much awaited new addition to the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds, Hotel X, Toronto, began to welcome its first guests... Read More

  • Hounds, Horses and Horsepower

    Hounds, Horses and Horsepower

    Hand-written in an ancient hunting log that’s framed and hanging in the lower bathroom: “A first class gallop and the best scent we have had in a long time.” By Keith... Read More

  • Fine, Finer, Finest

    Fine, Finer, Finest

    Bloor Street’s iconic tableware shop reimagines its future An hour before she pulled back the curtain on the stunning new William Ashley flagship store on Bloor Street’s Mink Mile, William... Read More

  • Stunning Weddings in Full Bloom

    Stunning Weddings in Full Bloom

    –––––––     WEDDING MENU ––––––– Tomato gazpacho with edible pansy, radish micro greens & EVOO   Risotto alla Milanese with saffron strands, pecorino & micro basil  Lamb loin with oyster mushrooms,... Read More

  • Favourite Things

    Favourite Things

    Cinema Paradiso Movie night soars to new heights when the best seats in the house are on a private lagoon. Sit back and enjoy the show. soneva.com/soneva-jani Je t’aime, Ronit... Read More

  • Spa Diaries

    Spa Diaries

    By Wanda Love Is this supplement for the birds? Bird’s nest soup is one of China’s most famous, expensive and controversial delicacies. Since the 17th century it has been believed... Read More

  • Cocktails For Breakfast

    Cocktails For Breakfast

    The Ivy Chelsea Garden For as long as we can remember, Londoners have been flocking to The Ivy’s enduringly desirable King’s Road brasserie and grill for all-day breakfast, lunch and... Read More

  • The Meandering Epicurist

    The Meandering Epicurist

    Le Sélect Bistro After a holiday season of excess and gastronomic fripperies, it’s time for simpler things. First stop, Le Sélect Bistro—a Toronto institution from my past, when cheek-by-jowl dining... Read More

  • The New Dynasty of Volvo

    The New Dynasty of Volvo

    It’s not often that I find a manufacturer’s entire new model line-up all in  one place, ready for a day or two of test drives. And, as the icing on... Read More

  • Island Bathing...

    Island Bathing...

    A made-in Antigua breathe easy few days By Caroline Tapp-McDougall Chic, unfussy, low-key luxe on a canvas of palm trees, white sand and clear turquoise waters. Eat your heart out,... Read More

  • Screen Dream

    Screen Dream

    Five things to look for in a new television By Marc Saltzman It’s been 89 years since Idaho farm boy Philo T. Farnsworth successfully demonstrated the first “moving pictures” transmission.... Read More

  • A Taste of Guatemala

    A Taste of Guatemala

    By Caroline Tapp-McDougall Looking for a spot to paint the town red or hunker down and write a bestseller?  We’ve found it. A remote, private home turned charming boutique hotel... Read More

  • Bella Cucina Entertains

    Bella Cucina Entertains

    With summer comes a more relaxed way of living and a more casual approach to entertaining for many of us. Bringing friends and family together for a laid-back meal outdoors... Read More

  • We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

    We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

    By Marc Saltzman Summer is (finally) here, which probably means more time in the great outdoors, whether it’s a trip to a cottage or barbequing on the backyard deck. But... Read More

  • Favourite Things

    Favourite Things

    Make yourself comfortable Rest up and read on this limited-edition, 24-carat gold Bibliochaise. This unique piece was showcased as part of a landmark interactive contemporary seating exhibit at the magnificent... Read More

  • Long Live the Queen...

    Long Live the Queen...

    And Her Guests It was a spring with royal events on our minds, so what better way to continue the celebrations than with a stay at Montreal’s iconic Fairmont Queen... Read More

  • Favourite Things

    Favourite Things

    Fun in the sun You’ll have it made in the shade with this beautiful but functional outdoor collection. hauserstores.com Two’s company Weighing less than 5 kg, this 95% carbon fibre,... Read More

  • Beautifully Simple Dishes

    Beautifully Simple Dishes

    From Test Kitchen to Wedding Reception Dinner –––––––     IN THE KITCHEN ––––––– Mushroom salad with miso barbecue sauce Poached cod with preserved lemon & Yukon gold potato Pappardelle... Read More

  • Irish Eyes are Smiling

    Irish Eyes are Smiling

    By Rick Young A bronze statue of Payne Stewart (the colourful 11-time PGA Tour winner) welcomes golfers coming for a bucket-list experience at Waterville Golf Links—a round that will prove as... Read More

  • Spa Diaries

    Spa Diaries

    By Wanda Love You’ve got to be kidding The health benefits of equine therapy are not unfamiliar at Full Circle Ranch in St. Thomas, Ontario, but the ranch has recently... Read More

  • The Rogue Disruptor

    The Rogue Disruptor

    An iconic brand swerves to the dark side By Helmut Dostal Defying tradition with its most powerful model yet, the Rolls-Royce Black Badge shows its true colours in the daringly... Read More

  • American Luxe

    American Luxe

    Lincoln pulls into the premium lane By Helmut Dostal What’s lost 200 pounds, is hell-bent on losing its old-man image and is strutting its stuff alongside its stylish European counterparts... Read More

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