• La Vieille Capitale

    La Vieille Capitale

    We’re having a party and there’s food! In 1759, when General Wolfe’s troops scrambled up the vertiginous cliffs to the Plains of Abraham, the poor performance of the opposing army,... Read More

  • Porsche turns 70 in Style

    Porsche turns 70 in Style

    By Helmut Dostal Porsche turns 70 in style at the Concours d’Elegance Like fine wine, the iconic Porsche brand has aged well, steadily improving its already enviable image on both the... Read More

  • We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

    We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

    By Marc Saltzman Summer is (finally) here, which probably means more time in the great outdoors, whether it’s a trip to a cottage or barbequing on the backyard deck. But... Read More

  • Once Upon an Island

    Once Upon an Island

    Private islands and atolls occupy a sacred place in our imagination. The Brando’s untarnished natural beauty and remote location has become a metaphor for simpler times and a less frantic... Read More

  • A Journey to Wine Valhalla

    A Journey to Wine Valhalla

    Lions, baboons, sommeliers, oh my! Africa. Visions of Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn chugging through steamy jungles in the African Queen. Wild animals and pith-helmeted explorers, the winelands of the... Read More

  • Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

    Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

    By Caroline Tapp-McDougall Left abandoned for 20-plus years after Stanford University closed its Italian headquarters, this 15th-century palazzo, now known as Il Salviatino, has been given a fresh lease of... Read More

  • The Queen of Taupe

    The Queen of Taupe

    By Shelley M. Black With more than 40 years at the forefront of the design industry, London-based Kelly Hoppen MBE is one of the most celebrated and sought-after interior designers in... Read More

  • Bella Cucina

    Bella Cucina

    Les Plages This flooring has a material layer creating a slight relief-like effect that is subtly striped and tactile. Photo: Menton The summer weather is finally here so let’s make... Read More

  • Boutique Ski Club Experience

    Boutique Ski Club Experience

    When the first snowfall of the season ignites your family’s excitement for crisp air and fresh powder, it just might be time to consider your winter weekend plans. First, look... Read More

  • A Taste of Guatemala

    A Taste of Guatemala

    By Caroline Tapp-McDougall Looking for a spot to paint the town red or hunker down and write a bestseller?  We’ve found it. A remote, private home turned charming boutique hotel... Read More

  • Irish Eyes are Smiling

    Irish Eyes are Smiling

    By Rick Young A bronze statue of Payne Stewart (the colourful 11-time PGA Tour winner) welcomes golfers coming for a bucket-list experience at Waterville Golf Links—a round that will prove as... Read More

  • Modern Design for a Traditional Home

    Modern Design for a Traditional Home

    By Jane Lockhart, BAAID When homeowners Danica and Derek were touring houses in search of a new home, they walked into the backyard of this Etobicoke property and fell instantly... Read More

  • Where the Wild Things Are

    Where the Wild Things Are

    Situated within southern Maputaland, an area renowned for its untouched beauty and ecological diversity, the luxury lodges of the Phinda Private Game Reserve are one of the world’s best-kept safari... Read More

  • Soaking in the Blue Lagoon

    Soaking in the Blue Lagoon

    By Caroline Tapp-McDougall Soaking in the Blue Lagoon Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a surprisingly mild, albeit damp climate, which manifests in cool summers and relatively temperate (for... Read More

  • Can Lightning Strike Twice?

    Can Lightning Strike Twice?

    By Caroline Tapp-McDougall French chef and restauranteur Joël Robuchon is often referred to as the Chef of the Century and, at 73, he continues to make his mark on the... Read More

  • Liquid Assets

    Liquid Assets

    Elegantly rippled The Tay is made from solid cast iron so it’s durable but sophisticated, with an elegant rippling plinth. Photo: Drummonds With the summer season upon us, a bathroom... Read More

  • A Perfect Playground

    A Perfect Playground

    The Homefront team spent several days exploring Dubai as a beach holiday and luxury shopping destination, with an authentic Arabian blend of “old and new” and a stylish Euro meets... Read More

  • Long Live the Queen...

    Long Live the Queen...

    And Her Guests It was a spring with royal events on our minds, so what better way to continue the celebrations than with a stay at Montreal’s iconic Fairmont Queen... Read More

  • Be Relevant or Be Dead

    Be Relevant or Be Dead

    An interview with designer Timothy Oulton By Shelley Black Timothy Oulton’s beginnings in furniture started in the late ’70s at a small antiques shop that was owned by his dad.... Read More

  • The Smartest Home on the Block

    The Smartest Home on the Block

    Homes are getting smarter and connectivity has become an exciting cornerstone of innovation and convenience in our everyday lives. Today, thanks to wireless technology and innovative thinking, busy families and... Read More

  • Favourite Things

    Favourite Things

    The Prosecco Van The Bubble Bros’s converted three-wheeled Piaggio Ape serves sparkling wine and signature Spritz cocktails at festivals and private events. Their little fleet of bubble wagons includes a... Read More

  • Up to the Mountains and Down to the Sea

    Up to the Mountains and Down to the Sea

    Homefront test drives the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus along the winding roads of the Santa Ynez river valley in Santa Barbara County, California. By Helmut Dostal After putting Lincoln’s Navigator to... Read More

  • Porsche turns 70 at the Concours d’Elegance

    Porsche turns 70 at the Concours d’Elegance

    By Helmut Dostal Like fine wine, the iconic Porsche brand has aged well, steadily improving its already enviable image on both the roads and racetracks of the world. In celebration of... Read More

  • Tonight's forecast...99% chance of wine

    Tonight's forecast...99% chance of wine

    As those of you who know me will realize, my birthstone is a wine cork. In the summer, I consider myself outdoorsy because I drink wine on my patio. And... Read More

  • Interview with Gabriel Scott

    Interview with Gabriel Scott

    By Shelley M. Black One trained to be an architect, the other an industrial designer. They have a storefront in a cool Manhattan neighbourhood, but theyare based in Montreal. Homefront... Read More

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